Martinelli Luce

Historically important 20th century Italian manufacturer of lighting designs by Gae Aulenti, Richard Neutra and others. The iconic Pipistrello lamp is part of Martinelli's collection.



Product type



Introduction (Design) Year

  • Pipistrello Lamp, Modello 620

    Gae Aulenti

    3,950.00 USD
  • Marx Wall Lamp

    Richard Neutra

    1,985.00 USD
  • Serpente Floor Lamp

    Elio Martinelli

    from 4,175.00 USD
  • Metafora Coffee Table

    Lella and Massimo Vignelli

    from 10,295.00 USD
  • Pipistrello Lamp

    Gae Aulenti

    from 1,735.00 USD