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Introduction (Design) Year

  • Max-Beam

    Ludovica and Roberto Palomba

    430.00 USD
  • Piloti Side Table — Medium

    Hugo Passos

    from 810.00 USD
  • Piloti Side Table — Small

    Hugo Passos

    from 530.00 USD
  • PAL Table

    Keiji Takeuchi

    from 845.00 USD
  • TS Console


    from 999.00 USD
  • USM Haller O2 Media Console — Limited Edition Olive Green

    Fritz Haller And Paul Schaerer

    2,615.00 USD
  • USM Haller B218 Low Media Console

    Fritz Haller And Paul Schaerer

    2,036.88 USD
  • USM Haller O3 Tall Media Console

    Fritz Haller And Paul Schaerer

    2,963.52 USD
  • USM Haller O2 Media Console

    Fritz Haller And Paul Schaerer

    2,704.32 USD
  • BSC Bedside Table

    George Nelson

    1,695.00 USD
  • USM Haller Side Table

    Fritz Haller And Paul Schaerer

    1,490.40 USD
  • Vignelli Cube

    Lella and Massimo Vignelli

    Regular price350.00 USD Sale price297.00 USD
  • Tavollini Side Table (Set of 2)

    Mario Bellini

    Regular price299.00 USD Sale price254.00 USD
  • Androgyne Side Table

    Danielle Siggerud

    Regular price795.00 USD Sale price636.00 USD
  • Model 6500 Magazine Table

    Jens Risom

    840.00 USD
  • Russian Doll Table — Small

    Rockwell Group

    4,000.00 USD
  • LC10-P Square Table

    Le Corbusier

    875.00 USD
  • CH417 Tray Table

    Hans Wegner

    from 1,445.00 USD
  • No. 2510 WV End Table

    Florence Knoll

    1,250.00 USD
  • Pon Side Table

    Jasper Morrison

    from 985.00 USD
  • Laverne Rectangle Console Table

    William Katavolos

    6,000.00 USD
  • Walnut End Tables

    Jens Risom

    1,495.00 USD
  • Pon Coffee Table

    Jasper Morrison

    from 2,995.00 USD
  • 327 I Bedside Table

    Florence Knoll

    1,695.00 USD
  • Little Friend Side Table

    Kasper Salto

    Regular price1,178.00 USD Sale price
    On Sale from 1,001.00 USD
  • Stub Side Table

    Mette Schelde

    Regular price859.00 USD Sale price730.00 USD
  • Platner Side Table 3710T

    Warren Platner

    1,500.00 USD
  • Knoll Cyclone Side Table, Model 87

    Isamu Noguchi

    2,950.00 USD
  • Insula Picolo Side Table

    M. Ernst and A. B. Jensen

    1,295.00 USD
  • Screw Side Table

    Tom Dixon

    from 1,645.00 USD
  • Stainless Side Table

    Nicos Zographos

    1,195.00 USD
  • AJ Trolley

    Arne Jacobsen

    Regular price998.00 USD Sale price848.00 USD