Ferruccio Laviani's Tuareg Lamp, designed for Foscarini (image via Foscarini)

FOSCARINI TUAREG LAMP: Ferruccio Laviani’s Breathtaking Pseudo Art Installation

by Nico Haven

Tuareg is a sculpture as much as it is a lamp.

What is Tuareg?

With its angular lines and stark, sleek profile, Tuareg catches your breath and holds your attention when you first see it.

It looks like a sculptor's interpretation of a tree, with branches shooting up and outward, and that’s on purpose. It was inspired by the land art movement, which drew design inspiration from the natural world and used the Earth’s materials.

Tuareg has an assembly of seven thin aluminum tubes joined and intersecting above a tripod base, yet its minimalist construction hides an innovative design—literally hides it. The electrical wiring for the three touch-activated adjustable LED lights is incorporated into the tubes so the wires don’t interfere visually within the design.

Who designed Tuareg?

Tuareg was designed in 2014 for Foscarini, an innovative lighting manufacturer founded on the island of Murano in Italy. Foscarini has always been innovative and artistic, incorporating its home’s famous blown Murano glass and working with some of the world’s most collected and renowned designers. The manufacturer proudly “ designs with an independence from any production constraints, which translates into freedom of ideas.”

For this reason, and for its long legacy of “ creat[ing] lights that change everything,” Foscarini was an ideal host and partner for Ferruccio Laviani’s Tuareg lamp.

Laviani is an architect and designer who has created products in both the furniture and fashion industries. His first foray into lighting design was the Orbital sculpture-lamp , also for Foscarini, which has become a contemporary icon of Italian design along with his wall lamp adaptation, called Bit.

With all of his designs, Laviani believes that industrial design objects are sculptures within the landscape of architecture and interior design. On top of the functionality, design pieces should have the same aesthetic potency and impact as art pieces in a gallery.

Laviani also believes that color reveals a design object’s “true personality and essential character.” For the Tuareg, the orange emphasizes the natural inspiration behind the piece, the white brings an ethereal quality to the tree imagery, and the chrome black echoes the world of metals and contrasts the natural connotations with the industrial construction of the piece itself.

Ferruccio Laviani
Ferruccio Laviani's Tuareg Lamp, designed for Foscarini (image via Rarify)
Ferruccio Laviani
Ferruccio Laviani's Tuareg Lamp, designed for Foscarini (image via Rarify)

Why is Tuareg a Future Classic?

Tuareg will be timeless, in part, because of its recognizable profile and versatile construction. Since you’re able to redirect and rearrange the light “branches,” Tuareg can adapt to various room sizes and lighting needs.

It’s a living piece that won’t grow out of fashion over the years as tastes and spaces change.

It will also be timeless because, true to its designer’s philosophy and intent, a Tuareg in your home or office will be much like a piece of sculpture. Throughout the years, one hopes that it will continue to inspire your imagination.

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