Philippe Starck

Broom Stacking Chair

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We like the Broom chair, but we love the broom stools. To begin, the broom collection takes its name from its material makeup. It is made from the shop floor. This means 75% reclaimed polypropylene (plastic), 15% wood fiber, and 10% glass fiber. This type of up-cycled waste is extremely difficult to repurpose, primarily because companies do not typically want to work with it. Emeco has made an exceptionally unique and interesting composite material from this waste. Whereas the 1 inch reclaimed uses some 2% wood fiber, the increase of wood and glass fiber in the Broom makes the material all the more intriguing to look at up close. Whereas we may be more particular about where and how a broom stacking chair is used at home, the broom stools are very elegant and have much smoother curvature. There is an inset aluminum bar for your feet and we find both stools to be very comfortable.

The Broom chair measures 19 inches wide by 19.5 inches deep by 32.5 inches tall. Aside from the inventory on sale, quantities under 50 ship within two weeks. Quantities over 50 will take additional weeks for production.