111 Navy Coca Cola Chair

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The navy chair is an icon with a long and celebrated history. Beginning its life on navy ships in WWII, it was then sold to hospitals... prisons... and government offices because it was virtually indestructible. In recent decades, it has been recognized as the design icon that it is and can be found within iconic works of architecture. It has traditionally been brushed aluminum, but has now taken on new roles in recycled plastic, ash, walnut, polished finishes, and with unique upholstery or multi-material configurations. No matter its form, it is pure and instantly recognizable. At Rarify, we'd go for the classic side chair in brushed aluminum, walnut, or polished aluminum if we were feeling swanky. The Coca-Cola chair should not, however, be overlooked. It has great hand feel and weight to it, with a lower cost.

This plastic chair was released as part of Emeco's partnership with Coca-Cola to produce a chair from recycled plastic Coca-Cola bottles. The chair is made from 111 recycled bottles, thus explaining the product number 111. The Navy chair measures 15.5 inches wide by 19.5 inches deep by 34 inches tall. Aside from the inventory on sale (in stock), delivery typically takes 2-4 weeks.