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Introduction (Design) Year

  • Tobia Wall Lamp
    Free Shipping

    Ferruccio Laviani

    from 977.00 USD
  • Aplomb Wall Light
    Free Shipping

    Paolo Lucidi and Luca Pevere

    1,033.00 USD
  • Malamata Wall Lamp

    Studio Shulab

    Regular price1,800.00 USD Sale price
    On Sale from 1,530.00 USD
  • Stemlite Wall Lamp

    Bill Curry

    799.00 USD
  • Howard Wall Lamp

    Space Copenhagen

    599.00 USD
  • Cobra Wall Lamp

    Greta M. Grossman

    699.00 USD
  • 9464 Wall Lamp

    Paavo Tynell

    699.00 USD
  • Bestlite Wall Lamp

    Robert Dudley Best

    from 699.00 USD
  • Counterbalance Wall Lamp

    Daniel Rybakken

    Regular price1,890.00 USD Sale price1,606.00 USD
  • Melt Wall Lamps

    Tom Dixon

    from 850.00 USD
  • WireRing Wall Lamp


    Regular price1,175.00 USD Sale price
    On Sale from 940.00 USD
  • Superlight Wall Lamp

    Peter Stathis and Matthew Boyko

    350.00 USD
  • Luthien Wall Lamp

    Monica Armani

    Regular price650.00 USD Sale price552.00 USD
  • Marx Wall Lamp

    Richard Neutra

    1,985.00 USD
  • Lola Wall Lamp

    Alberto Meda, Paolo Rizzato

    Regular price600.00 USD Sale price510.00 USD