Norman Foster

Lord Norman Foster is one of the most renowned architects of this century and last. Foster and Partners has designed and delivered iconic works of architecture from The Gherkin in London, Hearst Tower in New York, Apple Park (spaceship) in Cupertino, to the Reichstag dome in Berlin. Foster and his firm became innovators in high performance buildings, advanced fabrication, and energy-efficient buildings way before any of these concepts were appreciated or cool. Foster hosts workshops on topics such as robotics, collaborates with companies such as Boston Dynamics on pressing issues in technology, and has designed products representing his design ethos for brands like Vitra and Tecno.

Emeco launched the 20-06 series by Norman Foster in 2006, which has since been exhibited as part of the Cooper Hewitt's design Triennial. The series is visually delicate yet super strong, with the stool being able to hold 1,000 pounds, while weighing only 7 pounds.



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  • 20-06 Cafe Table

    Norman Foster

    Regular price1,040.00 USD Sale price
    On Sale from 832.00 USD
  • 20-06 Stacking Chair

    Norman Foster

    Regular price920.00 USD Sale price
    On Sale from 736.00 USD
  • Foster 503 Sofa

    Norman Foster

    7,500.00 USD
  • Model 500 Settee

    Norman Foster

    4,995.00 USD