USM NYC — Limited Edition

  • Verified USM Dealer

  • Limited Editions by Ben Ganz

  • Rare USM Colors

Rarify is an official Authorized Dealer for this Limited Edition line of USM Haller pieces designed by Ben Ganz. First introduced in 2022 as a collaboration with PIN-UP HOME and presented at Design Miami, these highly-limited production pieces are inspired by architecture and life in New York City. This collection features three bespoke colors, unavailable on other USM units: Uptown Blue, SoHo Yellow and Downtown Pink. It is extremely rare for USM to release limited edition designs, so we predict these pieces will be highly collectible. All pieces are labeled and authenticated.



Product Type



Introduction Year

  • USM NYC Central Lounge
    5,800.00 USD
  • USM NYC Tower A — High-Rise
    4,400.00 USD
  • USM NYC Tower B — Archive
    6,900.00 USD
  • USM NYC Tower C — Forward
    4,900.00 USD
  • USM NYC Tower D — Low-Rise
    2,800.00 USD
  • USM NYC Tower E — Depot
    4,200.00 USD