Adrian Van Hooydonk

Adrian Van Hooydonk is an automotive designer and director of BMW's Design Group. Joining BMW in 1992, he has been noteworthy for leading design on a number of radical concept cars and production car designs. This includes the Mini ACV30, BMW Z9 (precursor to the later 6-series), BMW X5, BMW 5 Series (2010), and recent BMW I4 concept. While his design work typically stays in the automotive world, he has dabbled in product design collaborations for the 1951 chair by Emeco. Helping to reimagine a long lost Emeco design, Adrian and BMW Design Group were instrumental in bringing this product to life.

We are big fans of Adrian Van Hooydonk's concept cars and similarly appreciate the 1951 series by Emeco. The chairs are retro yet futuristic, classic yet charismatic.



Product Type


  • 1951 Bar Stool

    BMW Designworks

    1,400.00 USD